Genetic identification of Kazakhstan Oat varieties

M. Nurpeissov*, A. Abugaliyeva, T. Langdon

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The present article deals with the study of intracultivar polymorphism of five oat varieties represented by different lines from various types of variety testing and place of growth to confirm the assumption of genetic homogeneity of varieties, using SSR markers (simple sequence repeats). General screening of oat accessions of Kazakh and foreign selections has been conducted to identify the genetic relationships between the varieties and breeding numbers. Eleven genomic and expressed sequence tags (EST)-derived primer pairs were designed and selected according to their high polymorphism. Thus, the use of eleven SSR primers revealed genetic heterogeneity of all five varieties, indicating the presence of intracultivar polymorphism of varieties based on one or two loci out of all investigated microsatellite loci. Cluster analysis of the Kazakh and foreign oat accessions, aimed at detection of the genetic relationships between the varieties, allowed classification of the genotypes into two clusters. In turn, the first cluster was divided into two subclusters with the similarity quotient of 0.77-0.89 and 0.93-0.98, respectively. The first subcluster was comprised of seven varieties and breeding numbers of Kazakh selection including two out of five studied varieties, plus one sample of foreign selection. The second subcluster mainly included varieties and breeding numbers of Kazakh selection including the rest of the studied varieties with very close similarity quotient of 0.93-0.98. The second type of cluster combined varieties and breeding numbers of Kazakh selection and five varieties of foreign selection with the similarity quotient of 0.47-0.93.

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CyfnodolynBiosciences Biotechnology Research Asia
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 01 Rhag 2015

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