High-Angle Structural Color Scattering Features from Polymeric Photonic Structures

Giselle Rosetta, John J. Tomes, Mike Butters, Matthew Gunn, Chris E. Finlayson

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Three-dimensional goniometric measurements of structural color from melt-sheared polymer nanoparticle composites is presented revealing high-angle features arising from Bragg scattering. These features are presented in terms of ‘scattering cones’ from full 180° hemispherical scans showing the spectroscopic and angular properties of these scattering spots. This work identifies the Miller indices of the photonic crystal planes responsible for these features and makes further observations as to the appearance of this scattering in the context of these structures as quasi-ordered systems. We probe structural color metrics such as peak wavelength and the tunability of reflectance intensities. As such, this report contributes towards an improved understanding of Bragg scattering and structural color from structures with inherent disorder. The complexity and specificity of color quality across the scattering hemisphere is an important consideration for practical uses such as in sensing applications, and we suggest that soft photonics, in particular, are strong candidates in high-angle color uses.

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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 04 Ebr 2023

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