Highlights From AGU's virtual session on new magnetic field satellites

Michael Purucker, Heather McCreadie, Suzanne Vennerstrøm, Gauthier Hulot, Nils Olsen, Hermann Lühr, Edward Garnero

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In conjunction with the 2002 Spring Meeting (28-31 May), AGU hosted a virtual session on the analysis of satellite magnetic field observations from the low-earth orbiting Ørsted, CHAMP, and SAC-C mini-constellation. Some 27 authors and co-authors from 9 countries presented talks at an AGU session without leaving their office or home. The purpose of the virtual session was to facilitate interactions among the far-flung community working in the areas of geomagnetism and space physics. Our Web page (www.dsri.dk/multimagsatellites) hosted visits from researchers representing 29 countries. More than 100 important questions, answers, and comments were received during the course of two online sessions, each two hours long, occuring on 28-29 May. In addition to highlighting some of the exciting new science taking place, we, as the conveners, felt that the wider membership would want to know the ingredients for the successful electronic interaction that we conducted.
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CyfnodolynEos, Transactions, American Geophysical Union
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 20 Awst 2002
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