Imaging the Bible

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The Bible has been an enduring theme in art since ancient times. Its stories have been interpreted by artists to illuminate, elaborate and (latterly) challenge the text. The books of the Bible are the theme of new artwork by students, staff and alumni of the School of Art. The exhibition combines new art by students, alumni, and staff with works drawn from the collection of the School of Art, Aberystwyth University. Through drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, and digital projection, the biblical text and its iconographical traditions are cast into a contemporary mould. The artworks (variously illustrative, abstract, conceptual, and decorative) establish a dialogue between past and present, reverent and ironic, and traditional and deeply personal approaches to interpreting biblical themes. The exhibition, organized and curated by Professor John Harvey and Imaging the Bible project team, accompanies a major conference on Imaging the Bible in Wales held at the University. It comprised of 29 newly-commissioned works along with historical works derived from the School of Art's collection.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Man cyhoeddiSchool of Art Galleries, Aberystwyth University
CyhoeddwrPrifysgol Aberystwyth | Aberystwyth University
Cyfrwng allbwnDim-digidol
Maint48 exhibits
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 02 Ebr 2008
DigwyddiadImaging the Bible -
Hyd: 02 Ebr 200809 Mai 2008

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