Jewish texts in Oil varieties: Anglo-Norman

David A. Trotter*

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A geographical variant of Judaeo-French is found in Anglo-Norman England, although the textual evidence is slight and the possibility of determining whether it is dialectally distinct (as Anglo-Norman is from Continental French) is accordingly reduced. There are three witnesses to Judaeo-French in its Anglo-Norman form: the glosses to Moses ibn Ezra's homonym list in an Oxford manuscript, those to the Leviticus list of unclean birds in Valmadonna Ms. 1, and a lapidary by Berakhya ben Natronai ha-Naqdan. In addition, a number of other texts which do not use Hebrew script for Anglo-Norman nevertheless show that there was contact between Jews and Christians in England, and linguistic contact between Hebrew and Anglo-Norman in writing.

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TeitlManual of Judaeo-Romance Linguistics and Philology
CyhoeddwrDe Gruyter
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ISBN (Electronig)9783110302271
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