Land use decision-making for biomass deployment

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The workshop brought together 74 attendees representing stakeholders from academia, industry (including biomass suppliers, agricultural consultancies, and end-users), NGOs and government (with representation from the England, Scotland and Welsh governments). Attendees contributed comments and recommendation on three questions relating to land suitability, barriers to growth of the sector, and tools needed to support stakeholder decisions around deployment.
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CyhoeddwrSupergen Bioenergy Hub
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 07 Gorff 2022

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  • Supergen Bioenergy Hub

    Donnison, I. (Prif Ymchwilydd), Thornley, E. (Prif Ymchwilydd), Bridgwater, A. (Cyd-ymchwilydd), Chong, K. (Cyd-ymchwilydd), Hallett, J. (Cyd-ymchwilydd), Hardacre, C. (Cyd-ymchwilydd), Holland, R. (Cyd-ymchwilydd), McManus, M. (Cyd-ymchwilydd), Roeder, M. (Cyd-ymchwilydd) & Rowe, R. L. (Cyd-ymchwilydd)

    Engineering & Physical Sciences Research Council

    01 Tach 201831 Hyd 2022

    Prosiect: Ymchwil a ariannwyd yn allanol

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