Michael Brookes, Rosa Casado

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‘Launch’ is a context-specific sound work, commissioned and produced by the cultural centre Tabakalera in San Sebastian (Spain) – for public presentation within the opening and inauguration of the centre in 2015, as part of the city’s year as a European cultural capital.

‘Launch’ draw on formal and interventional strategies initially developed within the author’s long-term ‘Just a little bit of history repeating’ project, to produce a new public art work for the building’s social and transitional spaces. The project being realised within Brookes’ ongoing artistic collaboration with Spanish artist and performer Rosa Casado.

The work installed a series of specifically designed movement-sensor triggered audio devices within the central public transit areas of the building, occupying a vertical core of open foyer spaces over four consecutive floors. When triggered, these individual audio devices broadcast an extract from archival audio recordings of the NASA’s Apollo mission control communications – juxtaposing fragments of original audio from the final countdown and launch of the NASA Apollo moon missions with the social movement and activities of the building’s public launch event.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Medi 2015

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