Mapping and characterisation of QTLxE interactions of grain and stover yield determining traits in pearl millet.

Rattan S. Yadav, F. R. Bidinger, C. T. Hash, Y. P. Yadav, O. P. Yadav, S. K. Bhatnagar, Catherine J. Howarth

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A mapping population of 104 F3 lines of pearl millet, derived from a cross between two inbred lines H 77/833-2 2 PRLT 2/89-33, was evaluated, as testcrosses on a common tester, for traits determining grain and stover yield in seven different field trials, distributed over 3 years and two seasons. The total genetic variation was partitioned into effects due to season (S), genotype (G), genotype 2 season interaction (G 2 S), and genotype 2 environment-within-season interaction [G 2 E(S)]. QTLs were determined for traits for their G, G 2 S, and G 2 E(S) effects, to assess the magnitude and the nature (cross over/non-crossover) of environmental interaction effects on individual QTLs. QTLs for some traits were associated with G effects only, while others were associated with the effects of both G and G 2 S and/or G, G 2 S and G 2 E(S) effects. The major G 2 S QTLs detected were for flowering time (on LG 4 and LG 6), and mapped to the same intervals as G 2 S QTLs for several other traits (including stover yield, harvest index, biomass yield and panicle number m-2). All three QTLs detected for grain yield were unaffected by G 2 S interaction however. All three QTLs for stover yield (mapping on LG 2, LG 4 and LG 6) and one of the three QTLs for grain yield (mapping on LG 4) were also free of QTL 2 E(S) interactions. The grain yield QTLs that were affected by QTL 2 E(S) interactions (mapping on LG 2 and LG 6), appeared to be linked to parallel QTL 2 E(S) interactions of the QTLs for panicle number m-2 on (LG 2) and of QTLs for both panicle number m-2 and harvest index (LG 6). In general, QTL 2 E(S) interactions were more frequently observed for component traits of grain and stover yield, than for grain or stover yield per se.
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CyfnodolynTheoretical and Applied Genetics
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 01 Chwef 2003

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