Minding the Gap: The Performer in the Wings

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In this article Andrew Filmer examines performers' experiences in the areas of backstage space known as the wings. Opening with architectural and experiential definitions of the wings, he describes the dangers performers encounter in these spaces, and the various compensatory tactics they employ in response. While the backstage spaces of theatres have traditionally been of little academic interest, Filmer argues that performers' perceptions of the wings are vital in informing their own understandings of what it is to be a professional performer. Andrew Filmer was awarded his PhD by the University of Sydney in 2007 and is currently a lecturer in Drama, Theatre and Performance at Aberystwyth University.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Tudalennau (o-i)158-169
Nifer y tudalennau12
CyfnodolynNew Theatre Quarterly
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 20 Mai 2008

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