New Frontiers in Marine Tourism: Diving Experiences, Sustainability, Management

S. Gossling, Brian Garrod

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Contents Section I: An Introduction to Diving Tourism 1. Introduction Brian Garrod, Stefan Gossling Section II: The diving tourism experience 2. Market segments and tourist typologies for diving tourism Brian Garrod 3. Perceptions of and interactions with marine environments; diving attractions Carl Cater 4. Economic value of diving tourism, local income and distribution Alan White and Samonte Tan Section III: Environmental, economic and social impacts of diving tourism 5. The state of coral reefs and consequences of global environmental change for diving tourism in tropical environments Stefan Gossling, Olof Linden 6. Vulnerability of marine mammals to diving tourism activities Susanna Curtin, Brian Garrod 7. Environmental management and education: the case of PADI Anna Lindgren, Jenny Reithe, Sophia Trossvik, Stefan Gossling Section IV Management of diving tourism 8. The dive industry and social responsibility – time to catch up Claudia Townsend 9. Management issues and techniques – artificial reefs Peter van Treeck 10. Attitudes to and preferences of divers toward regulation Nola Barker, Callum Roberts 11. Compliance with regulations by divers and tour operators Carol Scarpaci 12. Managing diver impact and increasing support for conservation through education Claudia Townsend 13. Tourist diving – injury, risk and safety Chris Coxon, Kay Dimmock, and Jeff Wilks.
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ISBN (Argraffiad)978-0-08-045357-6
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 01 Medi 2007

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EnwAdvances in Tourism Research

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