Polyphenols and their influence on gut function and health in ruminants: A review

Michael K. Theodorou, Michael R. F. Lee, Ana L. Winters, Frank R. Minchin, Phillip Morris, Alison H. Kingston-Smith, John C. MacRae

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Polyphenols in plants can protect proteins from degradation and improve the efficiency of conversion of plant protein to animal protein (meat and milk), but can this be achieved in a way that is environmentally sustainable, profitable to the livestock farmer and is consistent with aspirations for improved livestock nutrition, health, welfare and product quality? Given that grazed and conserved forage is the bedrock of sustainable ruminant production, this paper attempts to consider what challenges are ahead in terms of enhancing productive efficiency, reducing the polluting footprint of livestock agriculture and alleviating the endemic parasitism that occurs with grazing animals.
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
Tudalennau (o-i)121-126
Nifer y tudalennau6
CyfnodolynEnvironmental Chemistry Letters
Rhif cyhoeddi3
Dyddiad ar-lein cynnar29 Meh 2006
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 01 Awst 2006

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