Precision breeding needs smarter regulation

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Unpredictable and more frequent extreme weather events along with hard-to-manage weeds, pests and diseases are placing unprecedented pressures on farming and on plant breeding in particular. We urgently need tailored genes for smarter, more resilient crops that protect themselves from biotic and abiotic stresses with fewer chemical applications. A failure to get this right will result in less efficient agriculture leading ultimately to; higher food prices, more environmental degradation and disputes over water and land. These challenging times call for agricultural policy and regulatory oversight that protects consumers and the environment while enabling research, innovation and investment towards profitable and sustainable farming. The public and private research base is ready and competent to deliver but, certainly in the EU, near-market innovation in molecular plant genetics is stagnant and the current
regulatory oversight of modern crop biotechnology is failing.
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Cyhoeddiad arbenigolCultivating the Future
CyhoeddwrAgricultural Biotechnology Council
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2016

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