Providence Cove Walk / a shoreline no longer there

Mike Brookes, Rosa Casado

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'Providence Cove Walk / a shoreline no longer there' was a participatory action work within the public space of central Providence (USA), and was developed and presented within a research residency awarded and supported by Brown University (Providence, RI, USA). The work was created within Brookes' ongoing collaboration with Spanish artist and performer Rosa Casado, and was realised as part of the fourth phase of exploration within their long-term 'Just a little bit of history repeating' project.

On Saturday October 19th 2013, accompanied by local residents, the authors walked a route that followed the now absent shoreline of the original Providence cove – an area now reclaimed and covered by the subsequent developments of the central downtown area of the city. The group followed the shoreline of the original cove through the city centre streets, keeping everything than now covers the original area of open water and salt marsh to the walkers’ left. The walk, meeting and shared act of remembering, that constituted the event, covered approximately one and a half miles, and happened over one hour.

The project was developed and realised in collaboration with residents, historians and city archives.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 19 Hyd 2013

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  • Brown University

    Michael Brookes (Ymchwilydd Gwadd)

    14 Hyd 201330 Hyd 2013

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