‘Reflexiones sobre la Operación Neptune Spear': 'Las Fuerzas Especiales Estadounidenses y la misión que acabó con Osama Bin Laden'

Alastair James Finlan

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Operation Neptune Spear remains one of the most remarkable operations in the history of Special Forces and not just for its outcome with the killing of the most wanted terrorist in modern times. As a mission it encapsulated the extent to which US Special Forces have been profoundly influenced by a decade or so of intense combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. As such, it contains a rich vein of empirical material as to how new concepts (fusion operations) and technologies, especially stealth helicopters, have empowered these secret units to new levels of capability that provide the United States with an extraordinarily potent force option that is likely to be prominent in its responses to global crises for the foreseeable future.
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CyfnodolynRevista De La Escuela De Guerra Naval
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