Selection and acquisition of e-books in Irish institutes of technology libraries: A study

Lucy Tedd, Wanda Carin

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– The purpose of this paper is to report on a study of the acquisition of e‐books in libraries in institutes of technology (ITs) in Ireland undertaken in 2009.

– Web sites of the libraries of the 15 ITs were studied and this was followed by telephone interviews, using a structured set of questions, with the acquisition librarians. Tables are provided showing the e‐book suppliers used, reasons for acquiring (and not acquiring) e‐books, links with virtual learning environments and methods of promotion.

– Librarians from 12 of the 15 ITs agreed to be interviewed giving a response rate of 80 per cent. The ITs are using e‐books from a wide variety of suppliers and teaching staff in the ITs had little, if any, involvement in the selection of e‐book titles. Staff in the libraries find that business models for the acquisition of e‐books causes difficulties. Most of the IT libraries were investigating a consortial arrangement for e‐book acquisition. Better liaison with lecturers and improved promotion of e‐books is necessary.

– The paper provides a baseline study of acquisition of e‐books in one sector of a country.
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