SIRIOL: A Sensitive InfraRed Instrument for phOto Luminescence measurements of feldspar

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The new InfraRed PhotoLuminescence (IRPL) signal in feldspar offers a promising alternative to the well-established OSL method to recover the absorbed radiation dose for dating purposes. The non-destructive readout using Stokes shifted photoluminescence offers the opportunity to carry out repeat measurements to improve the signal to noise ratio, and the steady state signal enables straightforward spatially and spectrally resolved measurements. However, the exploitation of the IRPL signal has been hampered by a large background signal, making the IRPL emission that is of interest for measuring absorbed dose difficult to discriminate.

A new IRPL detection attachment for the Risø luminescence reader has been developed which enables measurement of the IRPL emission with a signal to background at least two orders of magnitude higher than reported previously. These improvements have been achieved through a combination of a bespoke optical design along with careful selection of filters and coatings. Key instrument design details are presented along with some preliminary results from slices of museum specimens of feldspar.
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