Soviet Diplomacy and the Comintern 1921-1927

Alastair Kocho-Williams

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During the 1920s the Soviets pursued two fronts in their foreign relations – diplomacy, aimed at integration with the international community and the export of revolution via propaganda conducted by the Comintern. These aims were at odds with one another to the point of being mutually exclusive, creating problems for the Soviet attempt to engage diplomatically with the world. This article explores how the move towards the normalisation of diplomatic relations was achieved by the Soviets, discussing the priorities for foreign trade and security such that the Soviet state could develop, the Soviet attendance at world conferences and process of achieving diplomatic recognition, the displacement of rivals in the diplomatic arena, and the problems that foreign propaganda and the Comintern posed in achieving this end.
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CyfnodolynHistorical Journal
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 20 Tach 2013

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