Storm.1: Nothing remains the same

Mike Brookes, Mike Pearson

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‘Storm.1: Nothing remains the same’ realised a propositional public performance of material drawn from the first two books of Ovid’s ‘The Metamorphoses’, within a community run venue in the rural village of Pontrhydfendigaid, Wales. The event incorporated complex and innovative spatial sound design to layer evocations of a passing storm, constructed within a completely dark interior space, with intimate narrations delivers to each audience member individually via wireless headphone; and culminated in the visual reveal and performance of a burning 7m heigh dead oak tree. The work attracted a public audience of 400, over a three night run.

This project built directly on the authors’ research and expertise in located, multi-site and intermedial performance practices, with an initial focus on the approaches and achievements realised within his long-term collaborative relationship with National Theatre Wales (NTW). The work was commissioned and produced by NTW. And was the first of an exploratory series of publicly commissioned works staged within ‘The Storm Cycle’, developed and presented at various scales across Wales, within Brookes’ three year engagement as Associate Artist to the company.

Research questions include:
In what ways might located and context-specific live art practices be engaged to expand and enhance approaches to the large-scale staging of discursive and narrative theatrical material?
In what ways can advanced techniques of alternative performance practice reveal approaches to the staging of additional forms of writing, such as philosophical texts, or newspaper reportage?
How might approaches to spatial design and contemporary media and technology use be employed to support the form and dramaturgy of such stagings, and to enhance an understanding and appreciation of their event for audiences?
In what ways can long-term practice-based research inform and extend the production practices of theatre-making for both professional and public benefit?
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - Chwef 2018

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