The Children Act 1989: the public law

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This short book offers a practical introduction to the public law elements of the "Children Act 1989", in force from 14 October 1991. The book has been written with the benefit of the statutory instruments giving effect to the provisions of the Act. The ending of the old concept of custody and the curtailment of the wardship jurisdiction herald a new era in the treatment of children at law. The welfare principle is set down by the Act, and the old idea of parental rights and duties gives way to the concept of parental responsibility. Subjects covered include the general principles of the welfare of the child and parental responsibility. The new orders under section 8 - residence orders; contact orders; specific issue orders and prohibited steps orders - are explained. Part III of the Act, concerning the role of local authorities in providing support for children and families is examined, as are care and supervision proceedings. Emergency measure, including child assessment orders and emergency protection orders, are covered. Fostering, children's homes and secure accommodation are discussed, along with the registration and inspection of, and facilities provided by, community homes, voluntary homes and voluntary organizations. Finally, the jurisdiction of the courts and the new procedural rules are discussed. The author has made a special study of the Act during its passage through Parliament and is well known for his interest in welfare law.
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Man cyhoeddiLondon
CyhoeddwrFourmat Publishing
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ISBN (Argraffiad)978-1851901456, 1851901450
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 30 Tach 1991

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