The Jews in the Modern World: A History Since 1750

Abraham J. Edelheit, Hilary L. Rubenstein, William Rubinstein, Dan Cohn-Sherlock

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The Jews in the Modern World covers the period from 1750 until the present, with an emphasis on the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. It explores in detail the diverse ways in which the Jewish people have reacted to Modernity. As well as covering the Holocaust, the Diaspora and the Arab-Israeli conflict, the authors have included material on anti-Semitism, philo-Semitism, Sephardi and Oriental Jewry and the development of rival ideologies within the Jewish community. An important section of the book is devoted to the often neglected topic of the role of women in Judaism. Interest in modern Jewish history has never been greater, but despite the huge amount of recent research, this is the first major textbook in forty years to deal with the topic in a clear and undogmatic manner.
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CyhoeddwrHodder Education
ISBN (Argraffiad)978-0340691632
StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2002

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