The yield and quality of plant species grown in mixed organic swards

Peter J. Bowling, Richard F. Weller, I. Kyriazakis (Golygydd), G. Zervas (Golygydd)

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The European Association for Animal Production (EAAP) is an international federation of national member organisations from 37 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean area, recognised in Italy by decree n° 21099 of the Ministry of Agriculture (O.G. n° 82 of April 7, 1995). The Association was founded in 1949 in Paris under the auspices of the FAO which recognised it since 1954 as an INGO with a special consultative status. The member organisations represent the professional interests of scientists, academics, professionals and producers, technicians, extension officers, government departments and farmer organisations. The main aims of EAAP are to promote, by means of active co-operation between its members and other relevant international and national organisations, the advancement of scientific research, sustainable development and systems of production; experimentation, application and extension; to improve the technical and economic conditions of the livestock sector; to promote the welfare of farm animals and the conservation of the rural environment; to control and optimise the use of natural resources in general and animal genetic resources in particular; to encourage the involvement of young scientists and technicians.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 2002

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