UK cyber security and critical national infrastructure protection

Kristan Stoddart

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This article is intended to aid the UK government in protecting the UK from cyber attacks on its Critical National Infrastructure. With a National Cyber Security Centre now being established and an updated National Cyber Security Strategy due in 2016 it is vital for the UK government to take the right approach. This article seeks to inform this approach by outlining the scope of the problems Britain faces and what action the UK government is taking to combat these threats. In so doing it offers a series of recommendations designed to further help mitigate these threats, drive up cyber resiliency, and aid recovery plans should they be required. It argues that complete engagement and partnership with private sector owner–operators of Critical National Infrastructure are vital to the success of the government’s National Cyber Security Strategy. It makes the case that for cyber resiliency to be fully effective will need effective action at national and global levels requiring states and private industry to better comprehend the threat environment and the risks facing Critical National Infrastructure from cyber attacks and those responsible for them. These are problems for all developed and developing states.
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