Women's perceptions of technological change in the information society

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Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to present the findings of empirical research and focus on specific aspects of the data that relate to the concept of the “information rich and information poor”.

Design/methodology/approach – Exploratory in nature and as such utilises an interpretive, qualitative methodology. In depth interviews and focus group interviews were analysed using tools from grounded theory methodology.

Findings – There was a positive, yet ambivalent, attitude towards new information and communication technologies (ICTs) amongst the women interviewed. It is shown that although the interview data resonates with the theory, it also differs in interesting ways that are linked to everyday experience and social contexts.

Research limitations/implications – It is clearly focussed on a particular group of individuals and could be developed on a conceptual level to refer to wider contexts.

Originality/value – It presents a “grass roots” view of responses to technological change and life in an information society, and emphasises the variety inherent in people's interpretations of and responses to ICT.
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