Yolo-Pest: An Insect Pest Object Detection Algorithm via CAC3 Module

Qiuchi Xiang, Xiaoning Huang, Zhouxu Huang, Xingming Chen, Jintao Cheng, Xiaoyu Tang*

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Insect pests have always been one of the main hazards affecting crop yield and quality in traditional agriculture. An accurate and timely pest detection algorithm is essential for effective pest control; however, the existing approach suffers from a sharp performance drop when it comes to the pest detection task due to the lack of learning samples and models for small pest detection. In this paper, we explore and study the improvement methods of convolutional neural network (CNN) models on the Teddy Cup pest dataset and further propose a lightweight and effective agricultural pest detection method for small target pests, named Yolo-Pest, for the pest detection task in agriculture. Specifically, we tackle the problem of feature extraction in small sample learning with the proposed CAC3 module, which is built in a stacking residual structure based on the standard BottleNeck module. By applying a ConvNext module based on the vision transformer (ViT), the proposed method achieves effective feature extraction while keeping a lightweight network. Comparative experiments prove the effectiveness of our approach. Our proposal achieves 91.9% mAP0.5 on the Teddy Cup pest dataset, which outperforms the Yolov5s model by nearly 8% in mAP0.5. It also achieves great performance on public datasets, such as IP102, with a great reduction in the number of parameters.
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StatwsCyhoeddwyd - 17 Maw 2023

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