A Comparison of the Role of the Information Professional in the Legal Environment in the Private and Public Sectors

  • Caroline Williams

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This dissertation presents a small scale, illustrative, qualitative study of the
landscape for, and roles available to information professionals within the
private and public sectors, focusing specifically on organisations that provide
a legal service. Seven information professionals were interviewed, from a commercial law firm and a central government department, with questions aimed at obtaining information about their roles, the skills required for their roles, and perceptions of the information profession from both within and outside the profession.
Research findings are based on an analysis of the interview data using qualitative techniques and supporting literature. The literature review
includes a discussion of the definitions of the "information professional",
some of the most frequently identified challenges for the information
professional and then moves on to consider those issues within the specific
context of the commercial law firm and the government department, focusing
in particular on the implications of the organisational environment on the
role of the information professional.
The study finds that information professionals in both the private and public
sector are - at the most basic level - driven to provide a service to their
organisation - both lawyers and more widely - that matches the business
need, that enables the organisation to fulfil its statutory obligations (where
applicable) and provide an effective and efficient service with ever - decreasing
resources. The study finds further that the drivers and skills needed are -
broadly - common to information professionals in both the public and private
sectors. The growth of the electronic information landscape in particular
requires information professionals to broaden their skillsets to include
information technology and project management skills and engage with all
areas of the business.
Further research is recommended into the definition and relevance for an
organisation - private or public sector - of the "information profession",
particularly with respect to the acknowledged lack of recognition for
information professionals.
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