A study into the information seeking behaviour of mature social sciences students at the Alma Jordan Library, University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

  • Dionne Spears-Frontin

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Modern academic libraries to keep apace in the digital age have been forced to computerise many of the services they offer. Many mature users who have returned to the education system after a period of absence face challenges in being able to effectively and efficiently find the information they need. Therefore, it is important that information literacy sessions offered by libraries be tailored to accommodate the special needs of these users, because their ability to find and evaluate information is critical to their academic success.

Aims and Objectives
The research aimed to examine the information seeking behaviour of mature social sciences students both before and after attending an information literacy session at the Alma Jordon Library. There were six objectives: to discover their information seeking behaviour pre information literacy; the sources of information utilised; the difficulties they encountered and who assisted; their information seeking behaviour post information literacy; their feelings after the session; and their recommendations.

The method employed was a qualitative approach using structured interviews. The interview schedule was designed along the questioning pattern developed by Dervin in her Sense-Making Theory. This approach sought to capture the students’ experiences and feelings.

The results showed that prior to attending the information literacy session they faced many challenges. To survive, they used numerous sources, and sought assistance from various persons. However, after the training many of them felt better equipped to find information more effectively and efficiently. They were also able to supply suggestions to improve future sessions.

The research has discovered that most of these users once taught were better able to find relevant information. This has emphasised the value of information literacy sessions in improving the user experience
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