An historical perspective on information literacy 1832-1867

  • Victoria Morris

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To inform social and academic discourse through an idiographic exploration of
attitudes towards information expressed in Britain during the period 1832-1867.
Aims and objectives
To systematically examine primary sources from Britain in the period 1832-1867 for discourse pertaining to information literacy; To analyse examples thus identified in order to identify terminology and representations of ‘information literacy’; To consider whether examples identified might be considered comparable to current
Delimitation of a sampling frame; Identification of potential source material;
Identification of themes prevalent within the dataset, utilising directed, open and axial coding techniques; Content and contextual analysis of sources pertaining to each theme.
The concept of information literacy was much in evidence in the political, education, public and societal spheres of nineteenth-century discourse; It is therefore overly simplistic to regard information literacy as a modern-day construct.
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