An investigation in to demand for mobile library services at Shipley College

  • Emer O'Connor

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The purpose of this research was to investigate demand for mobile library services at Shipley College. Users of mobile technology have been shown to have particular information needs and expectations, and a number of objections were employed to explore these issues and to answer the research question. The first objective was to gain knowledge of mobile device ownership at Shipley College and the second objective was to explore how these devices were being used. The third objective was to consider potential barriers to implementing mobile library services. The fourth objective sought to gauge student’s opinions of using their
devices for library services, and subsequently, the fifth objective was to ascertain which would be the most viable services to implement.
A quantitative research approach was identified as the most appropriate as it was considered necessary to obtain a large number of responses in order to predict likely take-up of services. It also enabled trends in mobile device ownership and use to be charted. The study employed a purposive sampling method in order to ensure that those being sampled were relevant to the
research question. Questionnaires were distributed both online and in print, and contained a mixture of closed and open-ended questions.
Respondents were found to be technologically well-equipped and, on the whole, were receptive to mobile library services. In particular, users showed a preference for instant messaging and services delivered via social networking sites. The need for the creation of mobile-friendly web content was also affirmed, but responses to SMS services were more mixed. Barriers to implementing mobile services were demonstrated, and the need to avoid
these through effective marketing and user education was emphasised. A number of recommendations are made for implementing mobile services at Shipley College based on the findings.
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GoruchwyliwrDavid Ellis (Goruchwylydd) & Juanita Jane Foster-Jones (Goruchwylydd)

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