Brothers in Arms
: Geographies of Military Inculcation, Belonging and Domesticity

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This research identifies and draws out the complexity of masculinities produced and performed within the military. A common theme amongst academics writing on the military is that a unique set of hyper-masculinised subjectivities are produced and performed through the day to day activities of the soldier; these are considered hegemonic in that they marginalise and subordinates alternative productions of identity. This investigation seeks to challenge the notion of a hegemonic military masculinity by highlighting the intersectionality of these military subjectivities. Although gender is a key factor in coming to grips with the notion of being a soldier, empirical material collected emphasises how it is co-constituted by other social constructs such as class, able-bodiedness, and heterosexuality. Equally this research identifies the various spaces and temporalities in which these particular identities manifest. These various spaces provided an everyday, deeply symbolic and affective reservoir for the production of memories, bleeding past and present, as well as the future, into each other
Dyddiad Dyfarnu2011
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NoddwyrEconomic and Social Research Council
GoruchwyliwrDeborah Phyllis Dixon (Goruchwylydd)

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