Collaboratively developing an Information and Digital Literacy model and framework for the University of Sheffield:
: A case study

  • Catherine Anne Bazela

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The research has a main focus on Digital Literacy, and aims to look at the development of an Information and Digital Literacy model and framework at the University of Sheffield and provide recommendations for the working group when creating the model and framework.

When examining the literature, it became apparent that there is not an agreed upon definition of Digital Literacy, with many different literacies such as Information Literacy, ICT Literacy, and Meta-Literacy all being related to the Digital Literacy. In some cases the terms were being used instead of digital literacy to describe a set of skills which allow a person to access, and evaluate information in the digital age. Frameworks built around these definitions also vary greatly with regards to approach and resources needed to implement a framework and also raised the question of transferrable skills for employability. Further areas discovered within the literature included whether students need support with Information and Digital Literacy Skills.

Qualitative interviews were carried out with staff who had expressed an interest in Information and Digital Literacy, or were closely involved in developing a model and framework at the institution.

The study showed that there was not one set definition of Digital Literacy within the institution. It was also felt that students do need Information and Digital Literacy support, and that this should be embedded in the curriculum where possible. When looking at how the model at the institution differs to those already published, preliminary comparisons were made. Further exploration in this area, as the model and framework develop, is recommended.
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