Copyright Issues and Israeli Practice in Digitizing Archives

  • Naomi Rebecca Wolff

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To promote the advancement of dealing with copyright when deciding whether to digitize previously unpublished material and place it on the Internet.

When deciding whether to digitize, one of the issues that needs to be considered carefully is the balance between copyright law and outreach and access; therefore, the first aim was to specify which factors relating to copyright should be considered when making a decision regarding the digitization and publication of archival material on the Internet. Copyright law differs between countries. The second aim was to depict the Israeli scene and determine which aspects relating to copyright law, if any, are taken into account in Israeli digitization projects.

To reach the aims the following objectives were set out: to undertake a systematic review of the literature in two fields: copyright issues related to unpublished material – which could be the subject of digitization projects that can potentially be made available via the Internet, and archival theory – outreach and access; to identify a framework as a basis for determining best practice; to identify Israeli copyright law with regard to the digitization of unpublished
material; and to establishing current practice in digitization projects in Israel in relation to copyright.

A Policy Delphi was conducted to reach all factors pertaining to copyright and outreach and access when making a decision whether to digitize. And Israeli case studies were researched to glean information about Israeli practice.

The outcomes of the research were: a comprehensive list of factors pertaining to copyright that is a potential basis for creating archival guidelines. And varying case studies that give a partial picture of Israeli practice.

The Delphi results can constitute a framework for developing international and national archival guidelines. The Israeli setting is a varied one and further case studies should be studied to give a fuller picture.
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