Examining the effectiveness of the Ceredigion Youth Offending Team in reducing further offending within the context of vulnerability

  • Gwenann Mair Jones

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Early prevention work in Youth Justice has been a contentious topic in the last several years with emphasis currently on whether to maintain this work in Youth Offending Teams or have it devolved using a universal services approach as changes in the political climate in recent years have impacted on Youth Offending Teams. This study attempts to provide evidence-based research to demonstrate the effectiveness of preventative intervention in crime reduction which feature heavily in addressing the criminogenic needs such as Adverse Childhood Experiences, and other vulnerability factors in children and young people that contribute to the escalation of harmful risk in future offending. As well as examining the impact of preventative practices within a Youth Justice setting, in keeping with the theme of vulnerability an additional focus will explore the relationship between childhood vulnerability and criminal behaviours and whether earlier predictions can be foreseen for individuals that are victim to childhood trauma and adversity, who are uniquely regarded to be at greater risk of falling into the destructive pathways of criminality in a Ceredigion cohort of frequent offenders. The results provide further validation that Prevention practices reduces the likelihood of committing further acts of crime subsequent to initial YOT referral, irrespective of assessed risk in the majority of young people. The study also establishes risk factors that are vulnerability characteristics of young people who frequently offend. The concluding findings of this study reiterate the importance of preserving this work within Youth Offending Teams that have mechanisms to support and buffer the effects of adversity through the use of intervention-based trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy programs, to develop and build resilience in young people. Not only will these practices have effective positive outcomes in Youth Offending, but will impact more broadly in youth and adult offending within the public protection arena.
Dyddiad Dyfarnu2023
Iaith wreiddiolSaesneg
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  • Prifysgol Aberystwyth
GoruchwyliwrGareth Norris (Goruchwylydd)

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