[In]tangible Traces ...?
: A critical reflection

  • Sian Elisabeth Adam

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The performance took the form of a 60-minute audio tour of Aberystwyth, starting at the train station and ending at the large shelter on the promenade. At ten minute intervals, walkers were set up with an Mp3 player, headphones, hand drawn map and guided by the Mp3 soundtrack on a route around the town, between places where they heard the voices of local inhabitants telling their memories. Along the route were some strategically placed live presences who acted as silent guides. At the end the walkers were offered a hot drink and slice of homemade bara brith. The research explores memory and place and walking through the areas of philosophy (Edward Casey, Husserl), Cultural Studies (Marc Auge), (Rebecca Solnit), psychogeography (Martin Coverley), performance studies (Pearson), and everyday life (Highmore). This document may also be of borderline interest to human geography and the social sciences. The influences include Rimini Protokoll, Janet Cardiff, Graeme Miller, Mike Pearson, Wrights & Sites, Allan Kaprow, Augusto Boal and the community theatre movement. The methodology took the form of asking local inhabitants to take me on what I called ‘memory walks’, where they were to be my guide around the places within the town which held memories for them, and where I would record them telling me their memories. I also recorded everyday sounds from around the town and edited them together using the application Garage Band into a continuous track. All the sounds and voices were recorded by myself using a flash mic, in and around Aberystwyth during the period June-September 2009. The audio track was completed using Logic Pro. All images in this document are my own.Included with this document are the DVD made of the walk on the day of assessment and a CD of the audio track. Appendices are included of documentation from the performance, namely the map given to the walkers, and the credits sheet
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  • Prifysgol Aberystwyth
GoruchwyliwrCarl Ivan Lavery (Goruchwylydd)

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