Measuring the Information Society
: The Case of Cyprus

  • Costas Kyprou Diamantides

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Purpose: The purpose of this research is to study the development of the information society in Cyprus. By applying a conceptual model, a comprehensive measurement of the information society in Cyprus is carried out and comparison with Malta and the EU average is performed. Specific proposals are made for the successful development of the information society in Cyprus.

Methods: A major part of this thesis is the review of the literature and in this respect the exploratory nature of the first two research questions prompted the application of a systematic narrative review by using a unique and well defined
procedure. Then the OECD framework descriptive model is applied to Cyprus and Malta.

Findings: This research reaffirms the lack of a universally accepted definition for the information society due its complex and diverse nature. However, a common denominator of all definitions is that this concept is based on the ICTs and that it is related to technology, economy and society. The systematic narrative review demonstrated three distinct groups of indices. The ranking of Cyprus does not differ significantly regardless of the scope of measurement of each composite index. The relationship between small countries and information societies has not drawn the interest of the scientific community. The application of the model confirmed the position of Cyprus behind Malta and helped to explain some reasons for the differences.

Conclusions: None of the available indices seemed appropriate for policymakers in small countries trying to assess, and explain the relative position of their countries. The OECD’s model appears the most helpful approach in pinpointing problems, by comparing the results for two countries that are relatively similar in size, location, history and general development but which occupy different positions on other indicators. Recommendations concern an information strategy and evaluation framework for Cyprus.
Dyddiad Dyfarnu2017
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