On a clear day you can see for ever
: Mediation as form and dramaturgy in located performance

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The submission of the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Published Works details the body of practice-as-research investigations undertaken across a series of located performance works created by Pearson/Brookes between 1998 and 2012. This research has explored how the formal construction and dramaturgical structuring of located performance work might be reimagined through specifically developed procedures of meditation, and is rooted in two distinct but complementary lines of enquiry. The first of these enquiries has considered new approaches to the composition of a work’s constituent components, favouring compositional procedures built on processes of layering and accumulation. The second has addressed the formal structure of performance more fundamentally, choosing to consider the transmission of performative material, and the reception of that material by its intended audience, as two separate and independent mechanisms. Key located and multi-site works are selected and detailed within this submission to emboby four phases within the developmental arc of this research. These four key works include the experimental landscape work The first five miles (1998), the multi-site city work Carrying Lyn (2001), the located studio work There’s someone in the house (2004) and finally the large-scale located theatre work Coriolan/us (2012), which was jointly commissioned by National Theatre Wales (NTW) and the Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) for presentation with the World Shakespeare Festival during London 2012
Dyddiad Dyfarnu17 Ebr 2015
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GoruchwyliwrAndrew Filmer (Goruchwylydd) & Heike Roms (Goruchwylydd)

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