Superconvergence in Academic Libraries:
: an Exploration of Communication, Changing Roles, Conflict and Collaboration

  • Charlotte Heppell

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The purpose of the research is to investigate superconvergence in academic libraries from a grass roots perspective of the staff responsible for delivering the service.

Aims and objectives
The aim of the research is to build on existing literature, extending the knowledge of current practice in the UK which, until recently, has mainly focused on convergence between IT and the library and from a management perspective. The objectives are to identify key considerations for superconvergence in academic libraries; to critically evaluate current theory on the subject and to explore current practice.

A mixed methods approach was chosen using a survey and a case study. An online survey was used to identify trends in current practice and some broad perspectives, whilst face-to-face interviews enabled more in-depth exploration. A UK wide a priori sample of university information services incorporating multiple services was chosen. Out of 15 institutions contacted, seven chose to participate in the survey with one institution agreeing to serve as a case study.

The key considerations for superconvergence in academic libraries emerging from the literature included communication, changing roles, conflict, work-related stress and collaboration. Results showed a plethora of practice and varying degrees of success in superconverged organisations.

Superconvergence is a growing phenomenon in today’s turbulent HE environment, and the research highlights the many factors to consider in superconvergence projects and the implications for grass roots staff delivering the service.
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