'The Case for a Human Right to Health in a Globalizing World'

  • Gina Adela Ding

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This thesis concentrates on health as a human right. Health has been recognized as a human right in various international documents and every country in the world is a part to at least one human right treaty that deals with health related rights. However, it is arguable that the human right to health (as part of economic, social and cultural rights) is hardly given the same degree of importance as civil and political rights. The question explored in this thesis is as such: are we moving towards a universal recognition of the human right to health; and accordingly, what does a right to health really entail under current international law; and how is the development of this human right in light
of globalization? The overall aim is to explain the content and meaning of the human right to health and explore the significance and development of this right. Globalization is used to provide a reality platform to illustrate the daily struggle for the human right to health, especially in the context of developing countries. Of particular importance is the conclusion that significant progress has been made in the field of human rights and health. However, global health challenges and threats are real and they can seriously endanger the realization of all human rights, not just the human right to health.
Dyddiad Dyfarnu2009
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GoruchwyliwrJohn Williams (Goruchwylydd)

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