The Role of the Librarian in Secondary School Libraries in Semien Gondar, Northern Ethiopia

  • Lucy Kelsall

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This study explores the role of the librarian in secondary school libraries within the area of Semien Gondar, or North Gondar, in the Amhara region of Ethiopia.

The objectives of the research were to gain an understanding of the challenges faced by school librarians, and to consider the impact of the Ethiopian cultural context upon attitudes to books and the librarian’s position. Key topics addressed include library provision; the librarian’s daily routine; training and qualifications; perceptions of the librarian; the role of the principal or school director; and job satisfaction.

The research employed a qualitative approach, with six schools selected using a purposive sampling method. Semi-structured face-to-face interviews were used to gather data from both librarians and school directors. Interviews were conducted primarily in Amharic, with the use of an interpreter. Thematic analysis was chosen as the most suitable approach for data analysis: the interview transcriptions were coded and evaluated for common themes.

The study found that secondary school libraries in the Semien Gondar Zone suffer from a lack of adequate equipment, space and staffing. School librarians are not qualified and frequently lack any formal library-related training; in contrast, there is a strong desire for additional training. Many librarians feel that their position is low-status, poorly-paid and that there is a negative perception of the profession. However, despite these drawbacks, librarians expressed a high level of satisfaction with the work itself.

Recommendations based upon these findings include the provision of additional training for secondary school librarians, improving communication within the school and increasing the visibility of the library within the school and the wider community.
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