The Use of the Death Penalty Under the law of the United Arab Emirates

  • Saleh Abdulla Murad Abdulla

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This study analyses the attitude of the legislator in the United Arab Emirates towards capital punishment and its usage. The study examines whether the legislator is moving towards abolishing this harsh punishment or is insisting in using it, and in either case asks why. This study also examines the reasons for the legislator attitude and whether it has been affected by the global trend and the global movement towards abolishing this penalty for all crimes, even for those committed in wartime. Further, the study asks whether the legislator in the United Arab Emirates follows the Western way of thinking in dealing with this punishment or whether it is still connected with its Islamic roots in using this punishment. An overview of the crimes punished by death in the Islamic Sharia provisions is provided in the first three chapters. Chapter 4 provides the background of the formation of the UAE and the development of its legal system, clarifying how the system could avoid the execution of an innocent person. Chapter 5 deals in depth, and critically, with the details of crimes punishable by death according to the punitive laws of the United Arab Emirates to examine how far the legislator was justified in deciding such penalty for such crimes. Chapter 6 of this study deals with the rights of the defendant facing the death penalty and the evidential guarantees provided by the legislator during the interrogation and trial, and whether such guarantees would save the life of an innocent person. Then Chapter 7 along with chapter 8 examine the differences between Islamic and Western laws in the ways they deal with the death penalty and serious crimes. Chapter 9 examines the impact on the UAE legislator, at the level of the constitution and punitive laws, of the global trend with respect to the death penalty, whether the UAE legislator has been affected and influenced by this trend, and the extent of any influence. This study concludes with Chapter 10, which discusses recommendations concerning this harsh punishment.
Dyddiad Dyfarnu13 Chwef 2013
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  • Prifysgol Aberystwyth
NoddwyrUnited Arab Emirates
GoruchwyliwrChristopher Harding (Goruchwylydd) & Olaoluwa Olusanya (Goruchwylydd)

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