The Welsh Conservative Party and the National Assembly of Wales 1997-2010

  • Kristian Hicks

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The Conservative Party in Wales has undergone a great deal of change since the creation of the National Assembly in 1999. As a party that vociferously opposed the passing of any devolution settlement, the ‘Yes’ outcome of the devolution referendum would push the party into a crisis of relevancy. How exactly does a conservative deal such changes in the structure of a political system? What are the environmental push-pull factors and themes that emanate from such a change? This dissertation seeks to explore such questions and also communicates the experiences of the Welsh Conservative party in the age of devolution.

The structure of this dissertation is chronological in nature. It begins with the experiences of the Conservatives in the first assembly onwards to the present at the time of writing (2010). A myriad of materials will be utilised from the works of Conservative philosophers, specialists in devolution specifically of the Welsh form , works on Welsh history and journalistic articles
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