24th International Seaweed Symposium: Seaweeds in a Changing World

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MINI-SYMPOSIUM Novel thermal macroalgae processing approaches to enhance valued compound extractions.
Chair: Jessica Adams
Presentation by Jessica Adams: Steam explosion: A novel route for high value compound release from nuisance Ulva species
Due to the wide composition variation within macroalgae there is an equally vast potential to optimally process macroalgae to produce a range of extracted compounds, including through the application of suitable thermal processing for specific macroalgal genera and classes. This presentation falls within a mini-symposium examining a range of thermal processing methods and focusses on steam explosion of nuisance bloom green macroalgae Ulva spp. These algae contain high proportions of the valuable and unusual sugar rhamnose which preliminary studies have shown can be released following extractions using heat and pressure via an autoclave. This talk will present data generated following a range of variable-conditioned autoclave extractions including using standard and alternative pre-treatments of sulphuric and phosphoric acid respectively to enable comparisons with similar processing literature. It will then present scaled-up data based on this extraction method using Aberystwyth University’s pilot-scale steam explosion rig, capable of operating at significantly higher pressures and more exact retention times. Quantification of rhamnose and other sugars in the solid and liquid fractions will provide data on efficiency of conversion under each condition. Steam explosion of green macroalgae is a highly novel combination with only one paper identified to date peripherally conducting this work; so findings from this study will be highly novel.
Period20 Feb 2023
Event typeConference
LocationTasmania, AustraliaShow on map
Degree of RecognitionInternational