Chile's glacial lakes pose newly recognized flood threat

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Following a media interview our work was featured in the prestigious international journal 'Science':
Palmer, J (2017) Chile's glacial lakes pose newly recognized flood threat. Science, 355 (6329), 1004-1005.

Period10 Mar 2017

Media contributions


Media contributions

  • TitleChile's glacial lakes pose newly recognized flood threat. Science, .
    Degree of recognitionInternational
    Media name/outletScience
    Media typeWeb
    Country/TerritoryUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
    Date10 Mar 2017
    DescriptionAfter three grueling days of bushwhacking through Patagonian rainforest last month, a research team finally reached the remote Chileno Valley—and beheld utter devastation. Perhaps twice in the last few years, a 2-kilometer-long lake farther up the valley had unleashed a glacial lake outburst flood: a wall of water that scoured Chileno. The valley is uninhabited. But the destruction there carries an ominous message for settled parts of Chile, including Santiago, the capital, where a glacial lake is perched up a valley from the metropolis. As mountain glaciers retreat in a warming climate, meltwater lakes can burst through unstable ice or moraine barriers. To systematically assess Chile's outburst potential, the team compiled a nationwide inventory of more than 3000 glacial lakes and identified those likely to flood.
    Producer/AuthorJane Palmer
    PersonsNeil Glasser