The Casual Criminalist: Columbine

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In this episode of the Casual Criminalist (which I authored) we discuss the chilling Columbine high school massacre.  Columbine is a word that for many needs no introduction, it is not a place, not a school it is a crime and we will be looking at all of the many warning signs that were completely missed by the police in the run up to the massacre.

We will also be taking a critical look at the media and their wider coverage of the massacre, including finally reaching the root of the claim many made that video games cause violence.

Ultimately this episode should be understood as a tribute to the victims, The Casual Criminalist may discuss some dark topics but the primary purpose of it is always to retell the stories of the victims.

We at all times avoid the overengagement with violent imagery and do not employ any violent images themselves. All the same, some may find the content we disscuss disturbing and as such viewer discretion is advised. 

In addition to the normal warning it should be noted that this episode does discuss the murders of children by other children. 

Period09 Aug 2022

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Media contributions

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