What is climate change doing to Wales?

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Article about impact of climate change and flooding around Aberystwyth.

Fiona Corke interviewed about work in National Plant Phenomics Centre, Aberystwyth University, which is "a giant robotic laboratory, the only facility of its kind in the UK, where they are stress-testing different plants to see how they would fare as climate change takes hold."

Hundreds of pots are being watered automatically, some to the point of being waterlogged, others to simulate drought conditions.

"This is a barley trial - testing 250 varieties - but we've also done something comparable with oats, which is another very important crop in Wales," Dr Corke explained.

"Another issue is that as winters become milder, some crops like oilseed rape won't yield as well as they won't get [cold enough] to trigger flowering.

"By understanding the requirements of different plants we can possibly start to adapt the crops we're using in Wales," she said.

Period20 Sept 2019

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Media contributions