Geodetic mass balance of glaciers in the Manaslu region of Nepal 1970 - 2013

  • Adina Racoviteanu (University of Exeter) (Creator)
  • Benjamin A. Robson (Creator)



Dataset of the geodetic mass balance and surface elevation changes for the period 1970-2013 for glaciers in the Manaslu area of the Nepal Himalaya. Mean geodetic mass balances are computed from a 1970 DEM generated from CoronaKH4 imagery and 2013 HMA DEM elevations. Analysis was done at 8m spatial resolution.

Data formats:

Data are provided in two formats:

1) shapefile format showing the 1970 glacier outlines for 136 glaciers with valid coverage with a GLIMS ID and mean geodetic mass balance attributes, structured as follows:

[POINT_X]: Longitude of the glacier polygon centroid
[POINT_Y]: Latitude of the glacier polygon centroid
[GLIMSID]: ID of each polygon, generated from the lat long coordinates as per GLIMS standard guidelines
[src_image]: image source
[src_date]: date of the imagery
dh_ma-1: surface elevation change [meters per year]
bn_m_weq: geodetic mass balance [ m water equivalent per year]
err_dh_ma-1: error term for surface elevation change [meters per year]
err_bn : error term for the geodetic mass balance [meters water equivalent per year]
area_m2: area of each glacier polygon in m2
area_km2: area of each polygon in km2
line_type: types of glacier (clean/debris covered)
analysis_yr: year of analysis

2) excel file containing glacier GLIMS ID, mean elevation change and mean mass balance

Coordinate system: UTM datum WGS84 zone 45N
Date made available12 Nov 2021

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