The SUMup collaborative database: Surface mass balance, subsurface temperature and density measurements from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets (1912 - 2023)

  • Baptiste Vandecrux (Creator)
  • Charles Amory (Creator)
  • Andreas P. Ahlstrøm (Creator)
  • Pete D. Akers (Creator)
  • Mary Albert (Creator)
  • Richard B. Alley (Creator)
  • Laurent Arnaud (Creator)
  • Roger Bales (Creator)
  • Carl Benson (Creator)
  • Jason E. Box (Creator)
  • Christo Buizert (Creator)
  • Charalampos Charalampidis (Creator)
  • Nicole Clerx (Creator)
  • Jack E. Dibb (Creator)
  • Federico Covi (Creator)
  • Gilles Denis (Creator)
  • Minghu Ding (Creator)
  • Olaf Eisen (Creator)
  • Robert Fausto (Creator)
  • Francisco Fernandoy (Creator)
  • Joannes Freitag (Creator)
  • Sebastian Gerland (Creator)
  • Joel Harper (Creator)
  • Robert L. Hawley (Creator)
  • Regine Hock (Creator)
  • Penelope How (Creator)
  • Bryn Hubbard (Contributor)
  • Niel Humphrey (Creator)
  • Yoshinori Iizuka (Creator)
  • Elisabeth Isaksson (Creator)
  • Takao Kameda (Creator)
  • Nanna B. Karlsson (Creator)
  • Kaoru Kawakami (Creator)
  • Helle Astrid Kjær (Creator)
  • Peter Kuipers Munneke (Creator)
  • Gabriel Lewis (Creator)
  • Michael MacFerrin (Creator)
  • Horst Machguth (Creator)
  • Kenneth D. Mankoff (Creator)
  • Joseph R. McConnell (Creator)
  • Brooke Medley (Creator)
  • Elizabeth Morris (Creator)
  • Ellen Mosley-Thompson (Creator)
  • Robert Mulvaney (Creator)
  • Masashi Niwano (Creator)
  • Erich Osterberg (Creator)
  • Inès Otosaka (Creator)
  • Ghislain Picard (Creator)
  • Chris Polashenski (Creator)
  • Asa Rennermalm (Creator)
  • Anja Rutishauser (Creator)
  • Sebastian B. Simonsen (Creator)
  • Andrew Smith (Creator)
  • Anne Solgaard (Creator)
  • Matthew Spencer (Creator)
  • Hans Christian Steen-Larsen (Creator)
  • C. Max Stevens (Creator)
  • Shin Sugiyama (Creator)
  • Marco Tedesco (Creator)
  • Megan Thompson-Munson (Creator)
  • Shun Tsutaki (Creator)
  • Dirk Van As (Creator)
  • Michiel R. van den Broeke (Creator)
  • Frank Wilhelms (Creator)
  • Jing Xiao (Creator)
  • Cunde Xiao (Creator)



The SUMup database is a compilation of surface mass balance (SMB), subsurface temperature and density measurements from the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets. This 2023 release contains 4 490 442 data points: 1 778 540 SMB measurements, 2 706 413 density measurements and 5 489 subsurface temperature measurements. This is respectively 1 477 132, 420 825 and 4 715 additional observations of SMB, density and temperature compared to the 2022 release. This new release provides not only snow accumulation on ice sheets, like its predecessors, but all types of SMB measurements, including from ablation areas. On the other hand, snow depth on sea ice is discontinued, but can still be found in the previous releases. The data files are provided in both CSV and NetCDF format and contain, for each measurement, the following metadata: latitude, longitude, elevation, timestamp, method, reference of the data source and, when applicable, the name of the measurement group it belongs to (core name for SMB, profile name for density, station name for temperature). Data users are encouraged to cite all the original data sources that are being used. Issues about this release as well as suggestions of datasets to be added in next releases can be done on a dedicated user forum: Example scripts to use the SUMup 2023 files are made available on our script repository:
Date made available04 Dec 2023
PublisherThe Arctic Data Center
Date of data production1912 - 2023

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