Dual flow chemostat system

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    Cledwyn Building Penglais Aberystwyth Ceredigion SY23 3DD

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Fermac 200 modular chemostat fermenter system.
Fermac 368 gas analyser, for measuring all air in solution.
Fermac 250 oxygen meter, for measuring only oxygen in solution.
Fermac 260 pH controller, with peristaltic pumps. Capable of adjusting for both acidity and alkalinity.
Fermac 231 termperature and agitation controller. PT100 temperature sensor. Wrap-around silicone heating and cooling mat. Direct drive DC motor with locking system, which tightens as the motor drives harder.
Borosilicate glass bioreactor vessel, stainless-steel top-plate, lip seal driveshaft, gas inlet sparger, gas outlet condenser, sample pipe, thermowell, 3-way reagent inlet, and pH and dO sensor holders.


NameDual flow chemostat system
Acquisition date01 Jul 2007


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