Midi High Performance Counter Current Chromatography

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    William Davies Gogerddan Aberystwyth Ceredigion SY23 3EE

    United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Dynamic Extractions' Midi, for high performance counter current chromatography.
HPCCC utilizes a liquid stationary-phase and, hence, does not suffer from irretrievable adsorption associated with conventional chromatography procedures, and HPCCC benefits from mechanical improvements grantin higher g's, and therefore is faster than standard CCC.
Perform preparative scale (tens to hundreds of grams) separations.
Improved sample solubility options, increased sample throughput, total sample recovery, reduced sample preparation.
Purifications are easily scaled once the method is developed, through simple volumetric calculation. Focus can therefore be on development, rather than redeveloping the purification process as scale increases.
Can interface with existing liquid chromtography equipment.


NameMidi High Performance Counter Current Chromatography
Acquisition date08 Oct 2014
ManufacturersDynamic Extractions


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