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Impact summary

Increasing capacity and knowledge of climate change adaptation for the Irish Sea and Coastal communities, achieved through:
1 - GOOD PRACTICE GUIDANCE - provide integrated guidance on how to survey and record heritage sites threatened by climate change in targeted coastal communities, using the latest innovative technologies and remote sensing techniques.
2 - FIXED SURVEY MARKERS - provide the first 3D baseline fixed survey points and data for selected heritage assets specifically aimed at future monitoring of climate change.
3 - ENHANCED HISTORIC ENVIRONMENT DATA – activities to enhance and update national historic environment datasets, which help to inform priority lists for statutory designation.
4 - ENHANCED PALAEOENVIRONMENTAL DATA - generate multi-proxy paleoenvironmental data within a robust chronological framework, developed from selected locations to reconstruct past environments and inform future adaptation strategies.
5 - SEAMLESS ONSHORE/OFFSHORE DATA - A number of innovative digital ‘real maps’ derived from LiDAR and photogrammetry, will provide 3D data geomatic data for planning and management in the terrestrail, intertidal and marine environments.
6 - TRAINING THE CITIZEN SCIENTIST- conferences, workshops, seminars and outreach events to raise awareness and train the citizen scientist in survey and recording, heritage at risk, climate change and storminess impacts.
7- EXCAVATIONS ON HERITAGE ASSETS AT RISK - Community excavations to train citizen scientists in local communities to record heritage sites at risk.
8 - SHARED WEB PORTAL - Information delivery and awareness-raising and an important legacy of the operation for future adaptation strategies.
9 - LANDOWNER MANAGEMENT PLANS - management plans and GIS datasets for reefs, islands and headlands under study showing cultural heritage assets and climate change threats.


National Trust (NT); Ceredigion County Council

Other information

Dinas Dinlle used as a case study by the NT for their Climate Change Adaptation Guidance. CCCs Adapting to Climate Change Progress in Wales report, Cultural Heritage, Community Preparedness and Response section mentions Cherish
Impact statusIn preparation
Category of impactCulture and creativity
Impact levelAdoption