Rediscovering the neglected photographer Erich Retzlaff

  • Christopher Webster (Researcher)

Impact: Culture and creativity

Impact summary

Since I 'discovered' Retzlaff in 2009 my efforts in highlighting the work of this neglected photographer have resulted in research queries about Retzlaff, his life and work by webarchives; two related essays publicly available on (Erich Retzlaff: Volksfotograf and Face of the Divine: The Esoteric Roots of Physiognomic Photography) have been accessed 180 and 277 times respectively since their upload in 2012; the acquisition of 30 Retzlaff photographs for the School of Art Collection (accessible for the public and researchers alike as well as an aid in teaching); the offer of 30 photographs for the collection and personal documents by Retzlaff's daughter Bettina Retzlaff-Cumming; the development of mutual working links with the Münchner Stadtmuseum and the development of a public exhibition that will tour to Europe with a catalogue publication on this forgotten photographer's work.


General public; Museums and galleries; Practitioners
Impact statusOpen
Impact dateOct 2011
Category of impactCulture and creativity
Impact levelEngagement